Saturday, 8 July 2017

Special Greetings to PMB

Goodmorming Mr.President and how is your health.I pray for God intervention .But l want to draw your attention to what Your Excellency said in 2009  ,while addressing Members of National  Unity Forum who visited you in Kaduna,you said, if Yardua didn't want to be impeached he could save himself from ridicule by honourably resigning from office.Your Excellency further said the FEC owed the country a sacred duty by ensuring that Yardua was declared incapacitated so as to pave the  way for his removal from office through impeachment. Your Excellency ,at 56th Annual General Conference and delegates meeting of NMA held in Sokoto ,you said the FG would not provide funds to any government official (yourself included) to travel abroad for medical treatment unless the case could not be handled in Nigeria .Your Excellency we know you visited London in 2016 for Ear,Noise and Throat related case when we have more than 260 ENT specialists in Nigeria.Mr.President ,lam a Christian and there is a Bible passage that says with the same measure that you judge people so shall you be judged .What is happening to Your Excellency is unfortunate ,but you sowed the seed.After 8 hours deliberation yesterday my PEOPLE say NO to your continuation in the office .Pls sir;kindly do the needful and resign next month .Goodmorming.

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