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EXCLUSIVE: How Isa Funtua fraudulently acquired KeyStone Bank and 9Mobile using AMCON MD

EXCLUSIVE: How Isa Funtua fraudulently acquired KeyStone Bank and 9Mobile using AMCON MD

Recently, a shocking story came out to public knowledge about how Keystone Bank and 9Mobile were acquired in controversial circumstances by the business interests of one Alhaji Isa Funtua, a close friend of President Muhammadu Buhari, via the instrumentality of Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria (AMCON). As the smoke raised by the scandalous story is still swirling in the air, with some public groups challenging the government to come out clean on what could be a serious dent on its anti-corruption stance, there is indeed no smoke without fire. For starters, it is a confirmed fact that the son-in-law of Isa Funtua, Ahmed Kuru, is the current CEO of AMCON. Before him, the previous CEO, Chike Obi, was a first-class gentleman and technocrat who was strangely removed from office before the expiration of his term and was replaced with Kuru, the son-in-law of Isa Funtua.
Now, let us get into the insider details of how Funtua bought Keystone Bank and 9Mobile in the most bizarre of dealings that circumvent the laws of the land. Keystone Bank was sold by the current CEO of AMCON to his father-in-law, Funtua, without any AMCON Board's approval and with the active connivance of CBN and NDIC at a grossly undervalued price of 25 Billion Naira. To put things in context, let us recall that Enterprise Bank was sold for over 60 Billion Naira and Mainstreet Bank was sold for over 100 Billion Naira under the former CEO of AMCON.
Before the sale of Keystone Bank to Isa Funtua, all bad debts in the books of the Bank were taken over by AMCON. So, it was a clean Bank with all the Assets and no Liabilities that was sold to the Buyers. The Executive Management of AMCON was coerced into approving the transaction and those who were willing to submit a much higher bid were disqualified under a most opaque, suspicious process that lacks all transparency. The process was just manipulated in favour of the father-in-law of the AMCON CEO.

The Corrupt Payment for Keystone Bank
The most disgusting part of the entire sale of Keystone Bank is how the 25 Billion Naira sales price was paid to AMCON. The Isa Funtua Team paid 5 Billion Naira to AMCON, and then the balance of 20 Billion Naira was later paid through the most criminal and corrupt approach ever perpetrated by AMCON in favour of the Buyer. What happened was that AMCON moved 20 Billion Naira of their own funds as a fixed deposit at GTBank to Heritage Bank. Heritage Bank then paid the 20 Billion Naira on behalf of the Funtua Group to AMCON. In other words, AMCON used their own funds as a collateral for a loan to the Funtua Group for 20 Billion Naira!

When the Funtua Group took over Keystone Bank, they went borrowing immediately at the Interbank Market for 20 Billion Naira to refund AMCON's funds. This has left a hole in Keystone Bank's Balance Sheet and makes the Bank one of the most undercapitalized Banks in the Country as at today.
The evidence of this highly compromised acquisition process can be obtained from the current and former staff of AMCON, from NDIC, CBN and from the current staff of Keystone Bank itself. The story has been all over the place and it is quite shocking that some political parties and public interest groups are just picking it up now.

The Unholy Sale of 9-Mobile
Another suspicious acquisition scandal surrounding the Funtua Group is about the untidy way 9-Mobile, formerly known as Etisalat, was bought. It is Mr. Adrian Wood of Teleology Holdings, a very sound telecoms professional, who collaborated with the Funtua Group for the acquisition of 9-Mobile. The problem with their bid was the lack of a qualified Operator to support the bid which was one of the minimum conditions of NCC. Adrian Wood alone was not a substitute for an Operator.

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) gave several conditions that must be met by the Ultimate Buyer of 9-Mobile to ensure the protection of shareholders value, prevent loss of jobs, protect the telecoms industry from slipping into a crisis and ensure transparency and professionalism in the post-acquisition entity.
The conditions listed by NCC that must be met by the Buyer are Strong Telecoms Operating Experience, Strong Financial Capabilities, Strong Technical Knowledge and Strong Administrative Skills.
The first thing that happened once Teleology was announced as the preferred winner was that the Funtua Group edged Adrian Woods out of Management and turned him to an Insignificant Shareholder. The second development was that the Funtua Group raided Keystone Bank again and forced the Bank to Pay 50 million Dollars as down payment for the acquisition of 9-Mobile. The third issue was that Teleology Nigeria replaced Teleology Holdings to remove any influence of Adrian Woods from 9-Mobile totally. The fourth step taken the Funtua Group was to borrow 260 Million Dollars from African Exim Bank. The fifth thing was to coerce NCC to approve the sale at all cost without meeting 90% of the conditions set up ab-initio by the NCC. The sixth strange action of the Funtua Group was to force the board of NCC to approve the sale through the influence and pressure from the Presidency. And the seventh Funtua infraction was to use the influence of CBN to force the Banks to the table and waive their own conditions of sale of 9-Mobile to the Teleology Nigeria group.

So far, the problem with the sales of the above mentioned assets is that all the processes and conditions were brazenly circumvented and Keystone Bank was forced into a deeper pit by the greed and recklessness of the Funtua group.
Today, AMCON as presently constituted is just a tool in the hands of the Funtua Group to acquire peoples' businesses without paying for it or using AMCON's money to pay for the Funtua Group. Even indigenous airlines like Arik and Aero Contractors, like many other companies under AMCON, are being considered for nepotistic acquisition in the near future. Of course, the Funtua Group has been penciled down as the preferred bidders. The devious plot is that if the Buhari government secures a second term and starts the tenure, all other companies under AMCON will be sold by hook or crook to the favoured Funtua Group. Meanwhile, the Management and Staff of AMCON along with the Board have all been intimidated into silence. In fact, the Board is dead and ineffective. And the other Supervisory Bodies over AMCON are just rubber stamps because the fear of Katsina power brokers is the beginning of wisdom.


On Friday, the 28th of December, 2018, a team of plain-clothed policemen, stormed Senator Dino Melaye's house at No 11 Sangha Street, Maitama, Abuja, and barricaded the entire street before eventually forcefully gaining entry into his compound. The said plain-clothed policemen proceeded to beat up Melaye's security whom they immediately handcuffed. They also arrested the cook and other domestic staff in Senator Dino's residence.

His relatives approached the head of the said security to find out why they were treating Dino, a serving Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in such high-handed and disdainful manner. The head of the rampaging police while declining any specific answer, told Dino's relatives that they came from the Commissioner of Police FCT,on whose instructions, they were acting. Dino Melaye's brothers demanded to see the warrant of arrest if they had any, but the police refused to show any such warrant. The Police also declined to disclose the reason why they are laying siege on the house of a sitting Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The Nigeria Police led by the Commissioner of Police FCT, proceeded to do the unthinkable; they disconnected electricity supply to the premises of Senator Dino Melaye, thereby putting his life and health in grave danger. They have also disconnected water supply to his home thus denying him access to water, a concomitant to the basic constitutional right guaranteed by section 33 of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, 1999, as altered. Senator Dino Melaye has been without water and food, for the past 72 hours and counting as the said policemen, have blocked the gate, denying family members and his friend's access to him. Senator Dino Melaye is a known asthmatic person and has been denied access to his medications and personal physicians for the past 72 hours and counting.
The police are now firing several gunshots within Senator Dino Melaye's compound and have now started shooting canisters of tear gas through the windows of his house. 

It would be recalled that Senator Dino Melaye, had on the 24th of December 2018, cried out to the world, that he had received credible information that there was a grand plan by the police, sponsored by Yahaya Bello, the Governor of Kogi State, to arrest him and inject him with lethal substances to terminate his life. It would also be recalled that Senator Dino Melaye, who has since parted ways with his earlier party, the ruling APC, has been quite vociferous in the condemnation of the poor performance of the Federal Government and his state government under Yahaya Belo. Consequent upon this, he has received fusillades of politically motivated attacks on his life and political career by his traducers using the instrumentality of the Nigeria Police and their operatives.

Members of the public would also recall how Senator Dino Melaye had personally narrated his ordeal on Thursday, the 19th day of July, 2018, that whilst he was returning to his hometown, around Iya junction, Ayetoro Gbede, Ijumu LGA, Kogi State, in a convoy of over twenty vehicles, after the commissioning  of his constituency projects, in Kogi West Senatorial District, he was attacked by armed Policemen and his vehicle shot at sporadically by the armed policemen who attacked him. 
Our Chambers had written a petition to the IGP, intimating him of the premeditated violent attack on Melaye. Till date, we have not received any response to the said petition.
Senator Melaye had also informed our Chambers, that recently, on the 12th of October 2018, the Commissioner of Police, Kogi State, sent armed policemen who invaded his country home in Kogi State, looking for him. He believes the invasion was targeted at assassinating him, over his political views. It was only when the villagers raised the alarm that the said armed policemen, fled. Senator Dino Melaye then petitioned The President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, and copied the said petition to several International Organizations. And again, no response was received in respect of this petition till date.
Senator Melaye informed us, that his party, the People's Democratic Party, had scheduled its party campaign in Kogi State, for the 5th of January, 2019.
Senator Dino Melaye who is also contesting for the Senatorial slot of the Kogi West, Senatorial District, is scheduled to be one of the keynote speakers on that day.  Senator Dino Melaye verily believes that the Kogi State Governor, Yahaya Bello,  who has always seen him as a palpable political threat, is doing everything possible, including the use of the publicly financed Nigerian Police apparatchik, to harass, intimidate, silence, possibly kill him, thereby ultimately frustrating his senatorial ambition. 
Senator Dino Melaye recalls how the said Kogi State, Governor, in his desperate attempts to undo him politically, had stage-managed his botched recall from the Senate, which process failed ignominiously even while he was chained to a hospital bed by the same Nigeria Police. The Nigeria Police had since April 2018, withdrawn Senator Dino Melaye's police security attached to him. The Nigerian Police had refused all requests, to restore Dino Melaye's security, despite several letters written to them, including letters from the Senate President and the Clerk of the National Assembly.
The same Nigerian Police, have refused to release Senator Dino Melaye's International Passports, which is in their custody,notwithstanding a clear order of court directing them to release same forthwith. Our Chambers had written several letters to the Inspector General of Police, urging it, to obey the subsisting court order, but the IGP, had consistently flouted the said court order. Till date, Dino's passports are illegally and wrongfully detained by the same police, notwithstanding the subsisting court order, and several letters from our chambers urging them to release same.
Senator Dino Melaye has was charged in different hierarchies of the Nigerian court, within five months, over six times, over trumped-up charges. Some of these frivolous charges have either been withdrawn by the police, or struck out by the court.
It is highly condemnable that the recent attacks on Senator Melaye's life appear obviously state-sponsored by his political enemies using the instrumentality of a willing police, to prevent him from campaigning and thus frustrate his political ambition of returning to the Senate. 
The entire conduct of the Nigeria Police Force thus far leaves much to be desired. It is compromised, despicable, selective, arbitrary and amounts to a brazen abuse of office and repression of a Nigerian citizen, Senator Dino Melaye, whose fundamental rights, they have serially trampled upon. The life of Senator Dino Melaye is now in grave danger. 

The last time we checked, Nigeria is supposed to be operating a constitutional democracy,  and not fascism or under a police state. This is no time for a "golden silence" by Mr President, who is the ultimate supervisor of the Nigerian Police Force under sections 214 and 215 of the 1999 Constitution.
This is a humble sos, sir. Kindly treat sir, with promptitude and the urgency of now.

Chief Mike Ozekhome, SAN,OFR,FCIArb,Ph.D.
Chief Counsel/Head of Chambers

NYSC Scandal: I Never Claimed To Have Gotten A Degree From OAU – Dapo Abiodun

NYSC Scandal: I Never Claimed To Have Gotten A Degree From OAU – Dapo Abiodun

Olufemi Aduwo/Voxnews

The governorship candidate of the All Progressives Congress in Ogun State, Mr Dapo Abiodun, has reacted to the certificate scandal hanging over his campaign, insisting the whole matter is down to mudslinging.

During an appearance on Channels Television's Sunday Politics, Mr Abiodun said he was not worried about the scandal.

"There are no issues about my certificate," he said, adding, "I never claimed to have finished from the University of Ife (now Obafemi Awolowo University)."

The APC candidate has faced allegations that he submitted conflicting educational qualifications to the Independent National Electoral Commission in 2015 when he ran for Senate and this year in his quest to become governor of his state.

Of contention is the allegation that he claimed to have obtained a degree from the University of Ife, now Obafemi Awolowo University, an allegation he denies.

"I never claimed to have gotten a degree from the University of Ife," he insisted when asked about the matter.He, however, said he studied at the university, but he didn't graduate from there.

When asked about some profiles of him that indicate he had a B.A in Accounting, replied, "But that is not from Ife" When his attention was subsequently drawn to the argument of those who fault claims that he bagged B.A in accounting on the grounds that the institution did not issue B.A. certificates in accounting, he blamed the controversy on political attacks.

"This has all been an attempt at mudslinging and to confuse the electorate and it is bundled with a lot of half-truths," he said. "I never claimed to have studied accounting at the University of Ife. I never claimed to get it (the degree) from the University of Ife. So, this issue has been presented as the presenter wanted it presented."

Asked to clarify what degrees he had, Mr Abiodon said, "I do have a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Accounting and I will like to stop at that because this matter will be sub judice if I go any further."

Stressing that the matter was in court, he declined to comment further on it when questioned about where he got his degree and the veracity of the certificate he indicated he had in his form for senatorial election in 2015.

Thursday 20 December 2018

Nigeria’s Excess Crude Account depletes 73% in three weeks

Nigeria's Excess Crude Account depletes 73% in three weeks

Nigeria's ministry of finance building
Nigeria's ministry of finance building

Controversy trailed Wednesday's revelation by the Federation Accounts Allocation Committee (FAAC) that the excess crude revenue account savings has been depleted to only $631 million within three weeks.

Barely three weeks ago, Minister of Finance, Zainab Ahmed, disclosed at the end of the committee's meeting in Kaduna on November 25, 2018, that the balance in the account stood at about $2.319 billion.

It was not clear how about $1.688 billion, almost 73 per cent, left the account in a space of three weeks.

Excess Crude Account is a special account established to warehouse excess revenues from the prevailing crude oil price at the international market. Income generated above the approved crude oil benchmark price in the annual budget is saved in the account.

Withdrawal from the account is subject to the approval of the three tiers of government and the Executive Council of the Federation (FEC).

It was not clear when the decision to draw from the account was taken and for what purpose.

But, at the end of the FAAC meeting for December in Abuja on Wednesday, Permanent Secretary, Federal Ministry of Finance, Mahmoud Isah-Dutse, said the money was withdrawn to settle the last tranche of the Paris Club loan refund to states.

Mr Isah-Dutse, who disclosed that a total of N812.762 billion was distributed between the federal, states and local governments for November 2018, announced that the balance in the excess crude account stood at $0.631billion as at December 19, 2018.

Asked how the savings in the account was depleted from $2.319billion in late November and to $0.631billion on December 19, Mr Isah-Dutse said the decision was taken that the final payment for Paris Club loan refund to states be drawn from the account.

When his attention was drawn to the apparent illegality in drawing money from the ECA without approval, the Permanent Secretary said the approvals came from the President and the FEC.

The decision was taken that the refund should be funded from the excess crude account, and the right approvals were obtained," he said.

Pressed further for clarification on who exactly gave the approval, the Accountant General of the Federation, Ahmed Idris, asked PREMIUM TIMES to approach the National Assembly to confirm if they were not aware of the approval to withdraw the money from the account.

Meanwhile, a communiqué by the Technical Sub-Committee of the FAAC showed gross statutory revenue stood at about N649.629 billion, which is lower than about N682.161 billion realised in the previous month by N32.533 billion.

Details of the total distributable revenue of N812.762 billion comprised the Statutory Revenue of N649.629 billion, Gross Value Added Tax of N92.079billion, foreign exchange equalisation of N70 billion and exchange rate gain of N1.055 billion.

From the gross statutory revenue, the federal government received N280.913 billion, representing 52.68 per cent; states N142.483 billion, or 26.72 per cent; and local government councils N109.848 billion, or 20.60 per cent.

About N47.882 billion went to the oil producing states as 13 per cent derivation revenue.

The distribution of the Value Added Tax (VAT) showed the federal government got N13.259 billion, or 15 per cent; states N44.198 billion, or 50 per cent, while the local government councils got N30.938 billion, or 35 per cent.

The communique said revenue from company income tax (CIT) increased significantly during the month, while revenues from Value Added Tax (VAT), Import Duty, Petroleum Profit Tax (PPT) and Foreign Oil and Gas, Domestic Oil and Gas Royalties all decreased.

Wednesday 19 December 2018

Nigeria: CBN, PPPRA, Other Nigerian Agencies Fail to Remit N10 Trillion Surplus - Official

Nigeria: CBN, PPPRA, Other Nigerian Agencies Fail to Remit N10 Trillion Surplus - Official

The federal government said on Tuesday, its own enterprises, including the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), owe about N10 trillion in unremitted operating surplus as at the end of August 2018.

The Director-General, Budget Office of the Federation, Ben Akabueze, disclosed this during his town hall meeting with Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) of government-owned enterprises (GOEs) in Abuja.

Lamenting the poor returns on investment by the GOEs, records from the Office of the Accountant General of the Federation showed the Petroleum Products Pricing Regulatory Agency (PPPRA) as the worst culprit, with unremitted operating surplus of over N1.3 trillion, followed by the CBN with about N801.2 billion and Nigeria Ports Authority (NPA) with N192.1 billion.

Others include the Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA) - N66.1 billion; Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria (N51.99 billion); Nigeria Postal Service (N37.7 billion); Nigeria Communications Commission (N30.9 billion); National Inland Waterways Authority (N30.8 billion); National Information Technology & Development Agency (N30.7 billion); Nigeria Airspace Management Agency (N22.8 billion) and National Examination Council (N16.3 billion).

Also owing are the Nigeria Television Authority (N15.6 billion); National Agency for Food, Drugs Administration & Control (N12.3 billion); Nigerian Shippers Council (N12 billion); National Health Insurance Scheme (N8.8 billion); National Pension Commission (N8.7 billion); Corporate Affairs Commission (N7.7 billion); Tertiary Education Trust Fund (N6.1 billion) and Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (N6.1 billion.

Badeh Death and Boko Haram.

Former Chief of Defence Staff, Alex Badeh has disclosed that activities of fifth columnists in the military and other security agencies who leaked operational plans and other sensitive military information to Boko Haram sect was a major challenge he faced while in office.
Badeh said this in his Valedictory Speech at his pulling-out ceremony from Nigerian Armed Forces on Thursday July 30, 2015.
He called for equipment for the military, improved welfare as well as unity among security agencies as the country continue to battle Boko Haram.

Full text of his speech

1. It is with deep sense of gratitude to the Almighty God that I make this valedictory speech today, on the occasion of my pulling out from the Nigerian Armed Forces. When I commenced my career in the Nigerian Air Force as a cadet in the Nigerian Defence Academy about 38 years ago, little did I know that destiny will take me not only to the pinnacle of my Service as the 18th Chief of Air Staff, but also to the position of the 15th Chief of Defence Staff of the Armed Forces of Nigeria.

Looking back at how God lifted me from my very humble beginnings, through the various ranks and appointments to the pinnacle of my career, I can only say a very big thank you to the Almighty God who directed my steps, protected and empowered me to serve my beloved country. Like the saying goes, "whatever has a beginning must surely have an end". My journey in the Service of my fatherland as a member of the Armed Forces of Nigeria which began on the 3rd of January 1977 in the Nigerian Defence Academy has finally come to an end. Accordingly as I bow out today, I look forward to a deserved and happy retirement.

2. When I joined the Armed Forces of Nigeria, I resolved to put in my very best in whatever assignment I was given, in the service of my fatherland. Furthermore, I purposed within me to be dedicated, loyal and committed to making a difference in whatever task I was given to undertake. That resolve had remained with me throughout my years in Service such that as I reflect on the past, I rest in the firm conviction that I have given my best in the service of my fatherland. That to me, is the least one could do in appreciation to God and to a nation that has invested heavily in my development as a military officer and as a human being.

3. Occasions such as this, usually affords one the opportunity to reflect on the past, share experiences, as well as project into the future. Looking back at the years I spent in Service, I can only say I've had the most exciting life anyone could wish for. My life in the Service has been full of excitement, opportunities as well as challenges. The opportunities I had to be trained as a pilot and to have flown to all the continents of the world as well as working in various capacities with some of the best and most patriotic members of the Armed Forces of Nigeria, are memories that I will always cherish for the rest of my life.

As an Instructor Pilot, I had the awesome privilege of contributing to the production of numerous pilots for the Nigerian Air Force, some of whom are today occupying very important positions in the Nigerian military. Also, the opportunity I had to serve as a Directing Staff and ultimately as the Director National Military Strategy in the National Defence College, afforded me the opportunity to contribute to the development of strategic leaders for the Nigerian Armed Forces.

Furthermore, the opportunities I had to serve as Chief of the Air Staff and Chief of Defence Staff have exposed me to the challenges of managing a national institution like the military, in a very complex society like Nigeria where divergent interests coupled with political, religious and tribal affiliations often conflict with national interest. Despite the challenges however, we remained focused to the tasks at hand, as a result of which we were able to record some modest achievements.

PDP Expresses Shock Over Badeh’s Murder …Demands Immediate Investigation

December 19, 2018

Press Statement

PDP Expresses Shock Over Badeh's Murder
…Demands Immediate Investigation 

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) expresses shock over the gruesome murder of former Chief of Defence Staff (CDS), Air Chief Marshal (ACM) Alex Badeh (rtd), on Tuesday, by yet to be identified gunmen, describing it as a national loss.

The party said the ambush and killing of a military officer of ACM Badeh's status has heightened fears and apprehensions, on the level of insecurity in the country, particularly, the safety of average citizens, under the incompetent and insensitive Buhari administration.

Furthermore, the PDP notes that the murder of the former CDS, came ahead of his opening of defence, in January next year, in the N3.9 billion military fund case preferred against him by the APC-led Federal Government.

The PDP therefore demands a wide-ranging investigation into the killing to unravel those behind the dastardly act as well as the motive behind their action. 

The party recalls the killing of former Chief of Army Administration, Major General Idris Alkali, in Plateau state as well as the horrific murder of over 100 of our gallant soldiers in Melete, Borno state, by insurgents and stated that President Buhari has failed woefully as Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces.

PDP insists that our nation is drifting and gradually assuming the status of a failed state and urges President Buhari to spend the few  months left of his administration to provide a leadership that will secure respect for our territorial integrity and the lives of our people.

Our party notes further that the failure of President Buhari is whittling the confidence of the citizens in our nationhood.  

The PDP describes ACM Badeh as a fine and patriotic officer, who made various sacrifices towards the security, unity and stability of the nation, particularly as the Chief of Defence Staff, adding that his killing is a monumental loss to the nation.

The party condoles the Badeh family, the Government and people of Adamawa state and prays God to grant them the fortitude to bear the loss, while urging our security forces to immediately swing into action and leave no stones unturned until the killers are brought to book. 


Kola Ologbondiyan
National Publicity Secretary and
Media & Publicity 
PDP Presidential Campaign Organization

We were never interested in Nigeria Air’ – Qatar Airways faults FG

'We were never interested in Nigeria Air' – Qatar Airways faults FG

Qatar Airways has denied interest as a core investor in Federal Government's national carrier project, Nigeria Air.

Akbar Al Baker, the Chief Executive Officer of Qatar Airways said his company was not looking to be a core investor, adding that the government only approached their management on how to go about floating a national carrier.

Al Baker said this while speaking to journalists on the sidelines of the ongoing 18th Doha Forum in Doha, Voxipopulid reports.

While refuting rumours that the national carrier project was suspended for lack of investors, Hadi Sirika, minister of state for aviation had listed Qatar Airways and Ethiopian Airways as some of the potential investors of the national carrier.

"We never applied to serve as core investor in the proposed Nigerian national carrier. The government of Nigeria only approached us on how to go about setting up the carrier. And we advised that Nigeria needs massive investments to float a national carrier," Vanguard quoted Al Baker to have said on Sunday.

"Nigeria, being the largest country in Africa, cannot afford not to have a national carrier that competes, first in Africa, and then the global stage. Again, Nigeria must also have the airport that can accommodate modern aircraft that can drive competition."

He said his company also advised Nigeria on the type of aircraft to acquire for profitability and that Qatar Airways would rather encourage the Nigerian government to designate some airlines to Doha rather than pay royalties; pending the floating of the new national carrier.

Al Baker also said Qatar Airways will not fly into Abuja or other routes in Nigeria so as not to kill the domestic airlines in the country.

Alex Badeh (1957-2018): The Man Who Flew Two Former US Presidents

Alex Badeh (1957-2018): The Man Who Flew Two Former US Presidents

Olufemi Aduwo ,Op

Alex Badeh (1957-2018): The Man Who Flew Two Former US Presidents And Received A Recognition From Koffi Anan

Alex Sabundu Badeh, born January 10, 1957, was a retired four star flag officer of the Nigerian Air force who served as the 18th Chief of Air Staff (October 4, 2012 – January 16, 2014).

He was the 15th Chief of Defence Staff of the armed forces of Nigeria (January 16, 2014 to July 13, 2015).

Badeh was born in Vimtim, Mubi Local Government Area of Adamawa State, North East Nigeria into a family of peasant farmers.

He attended Vimtim Primary School, Vimtim and went on to obtain his school certificate from Villanova Secondary School in 1976 before proceeding to the Nigerian Defence Academy

Alex Badeh was admitted into the Nigerian Defence Academy as a member of the 21 Regular Course on 3 January 1977, and was commissioned Pilot Officer on 3 July 1979. He commenced his flying career at the 301 Flying Training School on the Bulldog Primary Trainer aircraft in 1979.

He holds an M.Sc. degree in Strategic Studies from the University of Ibadan.

Air Marshal Badeh was promoted Air Vice Marshal on 3 January 2008.

Badeh was Commander of the Presidential Fleet, during the Olusegun Obasanjo's presidency. The Presidential Fleet Crew flew around the world frequently and by 2002, Badeh logged over 6000 flying hours shuttling VIPs, dignitaries, top government officials and Heads of State.

He was given the green light to fly former United States Presidents Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter on different occasions after extensive check was done by the United States Secret Service.

Badeh's professional dexterity on duty earned him commendation and an autographed pen from Koffi Anan and the then UN Secretary after flying him to an official trip.

Tuesday 18 December 2018

Appeal Court Sacks Kashamu As PDP Governorship Candidate In Ogun State

Appeal Court Sacks Kashamu As PDP Governorship Candidate In Ogun State
Olufemi Aduwo  
The Ibadan Division of the Appeal Court has sacked Sen. Buruji Kashamu and other 'candidates' in the Adebayo Dayo-led faction of the Ogun State PDP, leaving Hon. Oladipupo Adebutu and others who emerged through the party's primaries as the authentic candidates of the party in the 2019 election.

The judgement was delivered today, Tuesday, December 18, 2018.

The three-man appeal panel set aside the judgment of a Federal High Court in Abeokuta which threw up Kashamu and his factional members as the authentic PDP candidates.

The panel headed by Justice A. B. Bada, resolved the four issues raised for determination in the appeal in favour of the PDP, saying the appellants were not properly served in the case at the lower court which breached their rights to fair hearing.

Both Justices Bada and N. Okoronkwo agreed with Justice H. S. Samani who read the lead judgment.

The judgment is expected to have removed the cloud over governorship candidates of Hon. Oladipupo Adebutu and the National Assembly and Ogun State House of Assembly candidates for the 2019 election.

The PDP had dragged the Adedayo Bayo-led faction to the appellate court to challenge the lower court judgment which threw up its candidates. They prayed the court to set aside the judgment on the grounds that they were not properly served before judgment was delivered and that the lower court judge was wrong in his judgment.

Adebutu won

Appeal Court sitting at Ibadan  declares Ladi Adebutu as  authentic PDP governorship candidate in Ogun State, sets aside High Court order making Buruji Kashamu candidate.

Ogun PDP Crisis: Court To Decide Kashamu, Adebutu’s Fate Today

Ogun PDP Crisis: Court To Decide Kashamu, Adebutu's Fate Today

Olufemi Aduwo 

The court of appeal sitting in Ibadan, Oyo state, has reserved judgement in the case between two factions battling for the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) governorship candidacy in Ogun state, till Tuesday.

In the suit filed by the Ladi Adebutu faction of the party and heard on Monday, the group asked the appeal court to set aside the orders of the federal high court, Abeokuta, which ruled in favour of the Kashamu faction.

On October 2, the federal high court in Abeokuta had ordered the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to accept and process the list of candidates and delegates submitted to it by the faction of Kashamu.

The commission had written Uche Secondus, national chairman of the PDP, that it was only going to accept list of candidates from Kashamu group.

Secondus had handed over the party's governorship ticket to Adebutu but the Kashamu faction also unveiled the senator as their candidate.

At the court on Monday, Emeka Etiaba, counsel to Adebutu, demanded that the case be assigned to another judge at the federal high court.

But Alex Izinyon, counsel to Buruji, vehemently opposed the granting of the prayers sought by the appellants.

Etiaba said a party in perpetual violation of positive and subsisting orders of court cannot justifiably seek favour from the same court it had treated with contempt.

He contended that the appellants had the opportunity to state their case at the federal high court, Abeokuta, after they were served and chose to stay away from the court on October 2.

After two hours of deliberations, the three-man panel of justices of the court of appeal presided by Olukayode Bada adjourned the case till Tuesday

Monday 17 December 2018

Breaking: OAU Sex-for-Mark Prof bags 6 years jail


Breaking: OAU Sex-for-Mark Prof bags 6 years jail

By Adeniyi Jaiye Voxnews

Justice Maurine Onyetenu of the Federal High Court sitting in Osogbo, Monday sentenced former lecturer of Obafemi Awolowo University, OAU, Prof. Richard Iyiola Akindele, to six years imprisonment for demanding sex to pass her student, Monica Osagie.

Prof. Richard Akindele .Photo courtesy RMG media

The accused had pleaded not guilty to the charge of sexual harassment preferred against him by the Independent Corrupt Practices and other related offenses Commission, ICPC.

He had since then been remanded in prison custody following objection to his bail by the prosecution ICPC.

When the case came up on Monday, Akindele opted to change his earlier plea and admitted guilty of the offences as charged.

He was arraigned before Justice onyetenu on November 19 for alleged sexual harassment.

Meanwhile, efforts by the defence counsel to suspend the sentencing and negotiate for plea bargain failed, as Justice Onyetenu frowned at the rampant cases of students harassment by lecturers.

Justice Onyetenu said "the plea bargain is not absolute. The court still have discretion.

"This kind of issue is too rampant in our tertiary institutions. We send children to school, they come home telling us that lecturers want to sleep with them.

"We can not continue like this. Somebody has to be used as example. Even primary schools pupils are complaining. Telling me to suspend sentence does not arise. Plea bargain does not arise. May be the case continue to occur and reoccur because someone has not been used as example.

"It is time for the court to start upholding the right of the children, especially female students. The case is endemic.

Counsel to the defendant, Mr. Francis Omotosho, informed the court that the defendant has lost his job and has learnt his lesson.

He told the court that the University has discovered the mistake in the marking of the examination paper of the victim and has concluded plans to compensate her.

The Counsel further told the court that plans are ongoing to make offices of the lecturers open by building the front side with glasses at OAU.

But, the Judge, who apparently not convinced with the prayer of the Counsel, said "do you think they do it in the office? They go to hotel.

Counsel to the ICPC, Mr. Shogunle Adenekan, urged the court to confiscate the mobile phone of the defendant and forfeit it to the federal government, saying that sensitive materials were discovered there during forensic.

He also urged the court to grant order, releasing the mobile phone of the victim, Monica.

After considering the plea bargaining entered and signed by the Counsels, the Judge said there is a need to deter other people because of the nature of the case.

In her judgement, Justice Onyetenu sentenced the convict to 24 months on count one, 24 months on count two, 1 year on count three and 1 year on count four.

She said the jail term should run concurrently.
She also ordered that the Samsung X4 of the victim should be returned to her and the Samsung X8 of the confict should be forfeited to the federal government.

Give me more time, Buhari tells Nigerians on 76th birthday

Give me more time, Buhari tells Nigerians on 76th birthday

President Muhammadu Buhari [Photo: The News (Nigeria)]
President Muhammadu Buhari [Photo: The News (Nigeria)]

President Muhammadu Buhari has urged Nigerians to understand him and give him more time to translate his intentions for the country.

Mr Buhari made the call Monday in Abuja after a special parade organised in his honour by the Guards Brigade of the Nigerian Army to celebrate his 76th birthday.

Speaking briefly with State House correspondents in both English and Hausa languages, Mr Buhari said, "Nigerians should continue to pray for me and understand my intentions and give me time."

Mr Buhari also said he will keep reminding Nigerians about his performance in office so far.

"We will keep reminding Nigerians about what we have done, how we met the country, what we were able to do from the time we came in to now with the resources available to us."

The president and his party leaders have repeatedly told Nigerians that the challenges being faced were caused by the Peoples Democratic Party which governed the country for 16 years until 2015.

The president said he was impressed by the honour shown to him by the Army.

"I am impressed, they put a lot of time behind it and I thank them very much. I appreciate it indeed."

Apart from the special parade session, various birthday cards were presented to the president.

The Minister of Defence, Mansur Dan-Ali, presented a card on behalf of the Armed Forces, the Secretary to the Government of the Federation presented on behalf of the government and people of Nigeria, while the president's Chief of Staff, Abba Kyari, also presented a card on behalf of the president's aides.

The commandant of the Guards Brigade also presented a card on behalf of the army unit responsible for the protection of the president and his family.

Corruption Is Official' - Atiku Releases 10 Questions Buhari Must Answer

Corruption Is Official' - Atiku Releases 10 Questions Buhari Must Answer 
By Olufemi Aduwo 

Below is a Press statement from Atiku's Media Team made available to Voxipopulid

The Peoples Democratic Party Presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar, was taken aback last week when Mr. Babachir Lawal, Buhari's former Secretary to the Government of the Federation, turned up at the Presidential Villa on Thursday, December 13, 2018, where he was received with pomp and pageantry.

Mr. Babachir Lawal attended the launch of the Together Nigeria organized by the Buhari Support Organization (BSO).

It is a very sad day for Nigeria, when the President honours a man proven beyond all reasonable doubt to have soiled his hands with money meant for starving refugees.

These are the actions which feed the perceptions that has made Nigeria turn in its worst ever Corruption Perception Index rating by Transparency International where we went back 12 steps in 2018's rankings, moving from 136 under President Jonathan to 148 today.

According to Transparency International, Nigeria is more corrupt today and we ask the government to answer a few questions including:

· Who reinstated and double promoted Maina?

· Who owns the Ikoyi Apartment $42 million?

· What has happened to Aisha Buhari's ADC who looted ₦2.5 billion?

· Why was the $25 billion NNPC contracts awarded without due process investigated?

· Why haven't those beyond Buhari's padded budget scandals been sacked or charged to court?

· When will Babachir be charged?

· How come fuel subsidy has doubled even when petrol price has doubled?

· Why did President Buhari lift the suspension of the corrupt NHIS boss, Usman Yusuf, before public pressure forced him to suspend him? Why has he not been charged?

· In May, Transparency International warned that Buhari had increased Security Vote by 600%, yet our soldiers have no weapons and are killed by terrorists. Where is the money going?

· In February Buhari withdrew $1 billion from the Excess Crude Account to ostensibly fund the war on terror, yet the Chief of Army Staff said after Metele that they have no weapons. Where did that money go?

Answers to these and other questions are urgently required from President Buhari by Nigerians and failure to answer them only proves that under Buhari, the All Progressive Congress Government is not just Corrupt, but corruption is its policy.

Saturday 15 December 2018

APC Ogun Guber Candidate, Dapo Abiodun In Certificate Scandal Olufemi Aduwo

APC Ogun Guber Candidate, Dapo Abiodun In Certificate Scandal 
Olufemi Aduwo

Dapo Abiodun, governorship candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Ogun state, is enmeshed in allegations of perjury over his post-secondary school qualifications.

According to documents seen, Abiodun declared only his West African School Certificate (1978) in the Form CF001 that he submitted to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) on October 23, 2018, ahead of the 2019 general election.

However, when he ran as the APC senatorial candidate (Ogun east) in 2015, he claimed to have attended the University of Ife, Ile-Ife (1986) and Kennesaw State University, Atlanta Georgia, US (1989) in his INEC form CF001, backed by an affidavit he swore to at the high court, Abeokuta, Ogun state.

Curiously, while he listed B.B.A. (hons) accounting as the degree he got in 1986 as at then 2015, he was silent on what he studied at Kennesaw State University.

However, in his official curriculum vitae, he claimed to possess another degree, B.Eng (hons) in civil engineering, presumably received in 1989 from the American university.

Also, on the website of Heyden Petroleum Limited where Abiodun is MD/CEO, underneath his name were listed B.Sc Civil Engineering and BBA Accounting.

If he proceeded immediately to Kennesaw after graduating from Ife in 1986, he would not have finished before 1990 as civil engineering is a four-year course in the university.

There are strong suspicions that he did not do the compulsory national youth service, even though he finished his first degree in 1986 — going by the INEC form CF001 he filled head of the 2015 election, supported by an affidavit.

Abiodun was born on May 29, 1960 and was 26 in 1986 when he claimed to have finished his first degree. The age limit for national service is 30.

Apart from the possibility of having committed perjury either in 2014 or 2018, there is also the possibility that he skipped the compulsory national service, which is punishable under the law.

(1)Any person (b) who refuses to make himself available for service in the service corps continuously for the period specified in subsection (2) of this section, is guilty of an offence and liable on conviction to a fine of N2,000 or to imprisonment for a term of twelve months or to both such fine and imprisonment.
A criminal conviction will also mean the offender is barred from holding public office.

182. (1) No person shall be qualified for election to the office of Governor of a State if – (e) within a period of less than ten years before the date of election to the office of Governor of a State he has been convicted and sentenced for an offence involving dishonesty or he has been found guilty of the contravention of the code of Conduct.
Earlier this year, he was appointed chairman of the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) by President Muhammadu Buhari.

In 2012, he was appointed chairman of the Depot and Petroleum Product Marketers Association (DAPPMA), a position he still holds.

Abiodun has been having a running battle with Ibikunle Amosun, governor of the state, and the state working committee of the APC over his endorsement by the national body of the party for the 2019 governorship election, instead of Adekunle Akinlade, the governor's choice.

The APC candidate had accused Amosun of plotting to upturn the decision of national working committee (NWC) of the ruling party to recognise him as the guber candidate of the state, while accusing the governor of being "desperate to install" Akinlade at all cost.