Friday 30 October 2020


We want to congratulate the IGP and entire Nigerian Police for the exemplary quality leadership displayed by Catherine Ugorji who is currently serving with the United N ations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilisation Mission in Mali (MINUSMA) and has been selected by the UN as one of two runners-up for the prestigious UN Woman Police Officer of the Year award for 2020. 

Centre for Convention on Democratic Integrity (CCDI) a non-profit organisation with Consultative Status of United Nations,noted over yesrs through both her words and actions, the UN Police Officer Ugorji exemplifies the best of UN policing and the ideal which Nigerian Police represent.Out of the 1,300 UN policewomen deployed in UN peacekeeping operations, 21 were nominated for the award. Mrs Ugorji joined the Nigerian Police in 2003 and served as a criminal investigator from the local to State level, Child Protection Officer, Divisional Crime Officer up to Acting Deputy Commander of the Ogudu Police Division in Lagos.The UN said 1,300 UN policewomen deployed in UN peacekeeping operations, 21 were nominated for the award and Chief Inspector Doreen Malambo of Zambia, serving with the UN Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS), would receive the award.

The award would be presented during a virtual ceremony presided over by Mr Lacroix on Tuesday, Nov. 3.Also, Luis Carrilho, UN Police Advisor, congratulated Ugorji for being chosen as a runner-up and described her leadership of “three Formed Police Units(FPU) in Gao” as remarkable.“Catherine has introduced tactical operations that have been instrumental in reducing crime in the area, in support of the Malian security forces and the host population.“In addition to this very demanding role, Chief Superintendent Ugorji has worked diligently to improve living conditions for women police officers so they can serve safely and with dignity,” 

Carrilho said.Mrs Ugorji ,a chief superintendent of police, was commended for her work to extend the outreach of the FPU to the Ansongo area, “close to the Mali-Niger-Burkina Faso border area, where terrorists and spoilers of the Malian peace agreement are increasing their influence.”It was revealed in the statement that her support for the joint operations with the Malian police, gendarmerie and National Guard has helped to ensure the security of the local.

We applauded the engagement of the Police during the ENDSARS protest across the country for the professionalism the men and officers displayed,regardless the casualties recorded among the protesters and police men and officers there mode of engagement should be commended.As noted by the protesters government as a matter of urgency should look into the  welfare of the Police men and officers without delay, not only the their morale is low,there is frustration across rank and file,which is dangerous for productivity and optimal performance.There might be anarchy if the police officers failed to return to their duty posts, noting that they were needed despite their deficiency.

l applauded the IGP proposed visit to all State commands across  country as confidence-building measures, noting that the police needed to regain public confidence. Federal Government  should emulate the Rivers and Lagos State governments which announced financial assistance and scholarship awards to families of slain police officers.

 “Our police are bad likewise our politicians are thieves  but not all police men or politicians are bad or thieves .Now they have killed some of them in spontaneous reaction because of aggravated, accumulated grievances of the people to the actions of the police. What we need to do is to reassure the police that they belonged to us.”You can imagine what would happen if policemen go on strike for a week .

l hope Amnesty lnternational which CCDI is a member will review the information available to her and able to come out with unbiased report on  the role police ,DSS and Army during the protest.I appeal to Police authorities to investigate those who sponsor the thugs who attacked the protesters in Lagos and Abuja, that single act gave the criminals to hijacked the protest which caused wanton destruction of life and property across the country.

Olufemi Aduwo President & Permanent Representative of CCDI to United Nations.

Tuesday 20 October 2020

The Plight Of Girl Child In Inter-Religious Marriage

United Nations declared every 11th of October as International Day of the Girl Child. To mark this year`s event, Centre for Convention on Democratic Integrity (CCDI) a Non-profit organization, with Consultative Status at the United Nations organised a roundtable at Eko Hotel, Lagos with the theme, “My Voice, Our Equal Future”, The occasion was used to commemorate 25 years since the adoption of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action – the global agenda for advancing the rights and empowerment of women and girls, everywhere. In 1995 at the World Conference on Women in Beijing, countries unanimously adopted the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action – the most progressive blueprint ever for advancing the rights of not only women but girls.

The Beijing Declaration is the first to specifically call out girls’ rights. On December 19, 2011, United Nations General Assembly adopted Resolution 66/170 to declare October 11, as the International Day of the Girl Child, to recognize girls’ rights and the unique challenges girls face around the world.The International Day of the Girl Child focuses attention on the need to address the challenges girls face and to promote girls’ empowerment and the fulfillment of their human rights. The occasion was used to focus on challenges women in inter religion marriage face in Nigeria. On November 15, 2002, a Nigerian Christian girl whose father became a Muslim was raped after being forced to marry a Muslim. Rakiya, 20, from Bilkawa in Kano State, has been a Christian for ten years, but her father converted to Islam five years ago. Since the introduction of Shari'ah Law in Kano State, he was told that his daughters could not remain Christians. On two occasions Rakiya, along with her sister Dije, 19, fled from their father's home to the house of a Christian aunt, only to return base on the agreement that they would not be forced to become Muslims. 
In September 2001 both girls were summoned to meet Muslim authorities and were given the option of choosing Muslim husbands for themselves or being given in marriage to Muslims. They refused and were moved to Kano, but later fled again to their aunt's house. Their father accused his Christian nephew and the church catechist of being responsible for his daughters' disappearance and the two men were arrested and charged with abduction. The parish priest, Rev Isayaku Idi Kano and Canon Musa Haruna were charged with the same offence and all four were held in police custody for four days at the end of March 2002.
 Their case is now at the High Court, but the cost to the church could be as high as 1.5 million Naira. The girls were returned to their father, during which time Dije escaped. However Rakiya was forced to marry a Muslim and four men dragged her to her new husband's room where she was raped. The President of Center for Convention on Democratic Integrity, Olufemi Aduwo who monitored the case and visited northern Nigeria for fact finding discovered that the plight of the two sisters is not an unusual occurrence in areas that are predominantly Muslim and in some areas as well in the Southern Nigeria. He made reference to the case of Mr Babatunde Abdulahi that happened in 2016 as horrible experience. 

The story of Mr and Mrs. Babatunde Abdullahi was pathetic and called for serious concern. Mr. Babatunde was from a Muslim family and the wife, Olubukola Anthonia was from a Christian home.Before they got  married, Babatunde has  converted to a Christian without the knowledge of his father, Alhaji Saka Abdullahi,  who is a devouted Muslim and renowned  Islam cleric.The marriage held without the knowledge of husband's family who practice Islam. After the marriage, Alhaji Saka Abdullahi  did not back down,he want both his son and his wife to embrace Islam for many reasons, though he is a polygamist but Babatunde is the only son out of his twelve children.
On the day of their first child naming ceremony Alhaji Saka Abdulahi invaded the venue with some Islam clerics and without the concept of Mr and Mrs Babatunde, he gave their son Mofiyinfoluwa Sultan.This singular act made Mr.Babatunde not to invite his father when they gave birth to other two girls and they name them lmisioluwa Grace and Oluwatamilore  Christana, which Alhaji Abdulahi  was not comfortable with when he knew years later that  they have two girls.To humiliate and stamp his authority, he told his daughter in law to come along with the children to the village for gender mutilation which the sister in law and his son vehemently opposed. 
On two occasions, Alhaji Abdullahi came with others to take away Sultan, their first son and Alhaji Abdullahi first grand son to the village and enrolled him in arabic school to gain islamic knowledge but he could not gain access to his children house.Alhaji Abdullahi told his son, Mr. Babatunde Abdullahi to divorce his wife and at same time return to Islamic religion, otherwise, he would disown him. He believed his daughter in law was responsible for Babatunde being  converted to Christianity. Mrs Olubukola Anthonia Abdullahi and her husband went through a lot in the hands of Alhaji Saka Abdullahi and  Mr. Babatunde step sisters. Mr Babatunde's mother divorced Alhaji Abdullahi many years ago and she has also embraced Christianity. 
He said at the moment, they cannot  locate the current residence of Mr. Babatunde Abdullahi, we were told he sold his property in Lagos and went under with his family to avoid incessant attack of his father. This is one of the sad story of inter-religion marriage in Nigeria.
He want the development partners and United Nations to take a stand against this barbaric behavioural display by these religion fundamentalists. An earlier case a female convert from Niger State was bound hand and foot in a Shari'ah Court, thrown into the boot of a vehicle and driven by her family to their home village where she was bound to a tree and publicly raped by a prospective Muslim suitor. The lady managed to escape and is now married to a Christian. However, she continues to be in fear for her life years after this event, as some members of her home village still vow to kill her if they see her. The Rights Monitoring Group and Centre for Convention on Democratic Integrity team also discovered widespread suppression and violations of religious freedoms in many states in the northern Nigeria. For example, the only Christian burial ground in the state capital, Minna, is full to overflowing, and grave sites are now being doubled up. However, Christians are denied land for a new burial site. Moreover churches are often denied both land for building new facilities, and permission for improving existing structures. Further research uncovered evidence of orchestrated attacks on Christian settlements around Plateau State. These usually involve gangs of 300 to 600 well armed Islamic extremists, some from Niger and Chad, who embark on a spree of killing, looting and burning. The attacks appear to be part of a calculated attempt to alter the ethno-religious make up of the predominantly Christian state so as to facilitate Muslim dominance and the institution of Shari'ah Law in this key state in the Middlebelt. Nigeria has seen an increase in interreligious violence since the northern states began to call for full Shari'ah Law in 1999. It is normally the poor and female who are worst affected by Shari'ah Law punishments as demonstrated by the case of Muslim Amina Lawal. She was sentenced to death for adultery in Katsina State and is due to be stoned to death many years ago.
 Olufemi Aduwo ,Permanent Representative of a Non governmental organisation ,CCDI to United Nations said: "The spread of Shari'ah Law in the northern Nigeria has terrible human consequences for all, but particularly for those who are not Muslim. "The forcible marriage and rape of Rakiya and the fear of her sister in hiding are due to a religious law being implemented on those over whom it should have no legal jurisdiction. Likewise is the story of Babatunde Abdulahi who and his family are living in fear for years. "We call on the Nigerian government to uphold the country's constitution and to prevent more injustice and inter-religious tension from spreading."

Wednesday 14 October 2020


*Twenty-one senators currently receiving pensions from government as ex-governors and deputy governors.*

*The current senators who once served as governors are Ibrahim Gaidem of Yobe, Mallam Ibrahim Shekarau of Kano, Kabiru Gaya of Kano, Godswill Akpabio of Akwa Ibom, Theodore Orji of Abia, Abdullahi Adamu of Nasarawa, Sam Egwu of Ebonyi, Shaaba Lafiagi of Kwara, Joshua Dariye of Plateau Jonah Jang of Plateau, Aliyu Magatakarda Wamakko of Sokoto, Ahmed Sani Yarima of Zamfara, Danjuma Goje of Gombe, Bukar Abba Ibrahim of Yobe, Adamu Aliero of Kebbi, George Akume of Benue and Isiaka Adeleke of Osun and so on* 

*The  former deputy governors in the Senate are Ms Biodun Olujimi of Ekiti and Enyinaya Harcourt Abaribe of Abia. Danladi Abubakar Sani served as the acting governor of Taraba state.*

*Many former governors are also in Buhari's Cabinet as Ministers. This includes: Ngige, Fayemi, Amaechi and Fashola (SAN)*

*In Akwa Ibom State, the law provides that ex governors and deputy governors receive pension equivalent to the salaries of the incumbent. The package also includes a new official car and a utility vehicle every four years; one personal aide; a cook, chauffeurs and security guards for the governor at a sum not exceeding N5 million per month and N2.5 million for his deputy governor.*

*In Rivers, the law provides 100 percent of annual basic salaries for the ex-governor and deputy, one residential house for the former governor “anywhere of his choice in Nigeria”; one residential house anywhere in Rivers for the deputy, three cars for the ex-governor every four years and two cars for the deputy every four years.* 

*It is alledged that in Lagos, a former governor will get two houses, one in Lagos and another in Abuja, estimated at N500 million in Lagos and N700 million in Abuja. He also receives six new cars to be replaced every three years; a furniture allowance of 300 percent of annual salary to be paid every two years, and a N30 million pension annually for life.*

*This is the reality for all the 21 ex govenors and deputy governors who are currently serving as senators. This same is also true of ex governors who are now serving as Ministers.*


*How many years did these guys serve their states as governors and deputy governors?Is it more than 8years? Is that a reason to be entitled to pensions for life?* *Even if they are entitled to pension for life, must it be so outrageous?*

*As if that is not enough: HOW on earth can any public servant with conscience collect salaries and allowances as a senator or minister, and still have the audacity to claim pensions equivalent to the salaries of a serving governor in Nigeria?*


*Once you are elected a senator or appointed a minister, you must forfeit any pension accruing to you from government at any level until you vacate office. This should also apply to senators collecting military pensions like former Senate President David Mark.*

*Yet these senators are in the Senate that is inviting the current finance minister to discuss the recession of Nigeria's economy. A senator pockets approximately 30 million naira monthly as salary and allowances. Our "honourables" are not interested to make laws that could restructure our country into economically autonomous federating States/Regions to save the country from sectional agitations that is threatening  to destroy Nigeria. The sad and hopeless situation is that the rest of Nigerians are busy arguing based on party, ethnic and affiliations while these enemies of state continue to rape us.*

*Do you know that it costs tax payers 290m Naira yearly to maintain each member of our National Assembly in a country where nothing works & 80% of population earn below 300 Naira a day ? A working day earning of a senator is more than a yearly income of a doctor; it's more than the salary of 42 Army generals or 48 professors or 70 commissioners of police or more than twice the pay of the US President or 9 times the salary of US congressmen.* 

*It's high time the country had a referendum on those outrageous salaries of Senators, House of Representative members and other political office holders.*

*Nigerian Youths Move On To Next Level Impunity And Direct Looting Of Our Commonwealth Must Stop.Police Need Decent Accomodation And Living Wages.

Tuesday 13 October 2020

Small Note To Mr.President On His lndependence Speech.

Your Excellency l was told you address the Nation today ( is Nigeria a nation or just a mere geographical expression as the sage Papa Awolowo said) any way that is for another day discussion.l decided not listen on television to avoid unecessary internal discomfort.

I say again,
blessed are those who didn't expect anything good from this government because they shall not be disappointed.

Mr.President the writer of your speech stated the price of petrol in Chad is N362 per litre,but the  writer forgot to let you know that the minimum wage in Chad is 59,995CFA equivalent of N40,890The inflation rate in Chad is 3 percent and the inflation rate  Nigeria is above 13 percent.Chad is not the capital of world poverty,but Nigeria.Also Mr.President you didn't mention how you and the beret Generals wounded  democracy in Nigeria through  December 1983 coup,which we are reviving.Mr.President ,World bank define corruption as "the abuse of public office for private gains"( private gain may not necessarily be money or direct) Corruption is a complex social, political and economic phenomenon that affects all countries.Corruption undermines democratic institutions, slows economic development and contributes immensely to poverty rate,today Nigeria is the world capital of poor people lt happens under your government. Corruption attacks the foundation of democratic institutions by distorting electoral processes, perverting the rule of law and creating bureaucratic quagmires whose only reason for existing is the soliciting of bribes. Economic development is stunted because foreign direct investment is discouraged and small businesses within the country often find it impossible to overcome the "start-up costs"required because of corruption,Nepotism ,impunity and flagrant disregard to the rule of law iscorruption.

DSS in there report to Your Excellency and Senate,clearly stated that Magu failed integrity test and he should not be appointed as a Chairman, because of the lacuna in the EFCC Act that does not stipulated if the Commission Acting Chair could be appointed more than once,Magu illegally with your permission sir, occupied the EFCC Chair for 5yrs instead of six months. Impunity! As a Rotarian ,l will recommend for Your Excellency to the Rotary,The Four-Way has been my compass in dealing with people over the years and forever .The Four-Way Test of the things we  think, say or do: (1) Is it the TRUTH? (2) Is it FAIR to all àconcerned? (3)Will it build GOODWILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS?( 4) Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

Mr.President if you stand before God Almighty today will you be proud of your actions in the past five years.Iam optistimic Nigeria shall arise again.

Olufemi Aduwo is my name.I am on the topmost part of OkeUfara,
Aluma Road, in Erinje Kingdom attending the Conference of Irunmales,where ZIMOKO,AJEJE,ALARA and
OROKARAare in attendance and ARIBĘJI is on guard, the tyrants can come here if they wish.