Friday, 30 October 2020


We want to congratulate the IGP and entire Nigerian Police for the exemplary quality leadership displayed by Catherine Ugorji who is currently serving with the United N ations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilisation Mission in Mali (MINUSMA) and has been selected by the UN as one of two runners-up for the prestigious UN Woman Police Officer of the Year award for 2020. 

Centre for Convention on Democratic Integrity (CCDI) a non-profit organisation with Consultative Status of United Nations,noted over yesrs through both her words and actions, the UN Police Officer Ugorji exemplifies the best of UN policing and the ideal which Nigerian Police represent.Out of the 1,300 UN policewomen deployed in UN peacekeeping operations, 21 were nominated for the award. Mrs Ugorji joined the Nigerian Police in 2003 and served as a criminal investigator from the local to State level, Child Protection Officer, Divisional Crime Officer up to Acting Deputy Commander of the Ogudu Police Division in Lagos.The UN said 1,300 UN policewomen deployed in UN peacekeeping operations, 21 were nominated for the award and Chief Inspector Doreen Malambo of Zambia, serving with the UN Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS), would receive the award.

The award would be presented during a virtual ceremony presided over by Mr Lacroix on Tuesday, Nov. 3.Also, Luis Carrilho, UN Police Advisor, congratulated Ugorji for being chosen as a runner-up and described her leadership of “three Formed Police Units(FPU) in Gao” as remarkable.“Catherine has introduced tactical operations that have been instrumental in reducing crime in the area, in support of the Malian security forces and the host population.“In addition to this very demanding role, Chief Superintendent Ugorji has worked diligently to improve living conditions for women police officers so they can serve safely and with dignity,” 

Carrilho said.Mrs Ugorji ,a chief superintendent of police, was commended for her work to extend the outreach of the FPU to the Ansongo area, “close to the Mali-Niger-Burkina Faso border area, where terrorists and spoilers of the Malian peace agreement are increasing their influence.”It was revealed in the statement that her support for the joint operations with the Malian police, gendarmerie and National Guard has helped to ensure the security of the local.

We applauded the engagement of the Police during the ENDSARS protest across the country for the professionalism the men and officers displayed,regardless the casualties recorded among the protesters and police men and officers there mode of engagement should be commended.As noted by the protesters government as a matter of urgency should look into the  welfare of the Police men and officers without delay, not only the their morale is low,there is frustration across rank and file,which is dangerous for productivity and optimal performance.There might be anarchy if the police officers failed to return to their duty posts, noting that they were needed despite their deficiency.

l applauded the IGP proposed visit to all State commands across  country as confidence-building measures, noting that the police needed to regain public confidence. Federal Government  should emulate the Rivers and Lagos State governments which announced financial assistance and scholarship awards to families of slain police officers.

 “Our police are bad likewise our politicians are thieves  but not all police men or politicians are bad or thieves .Now they have killed some of them in spontaneous reaction because of aggravated, accumulated grievances of the people to the actions of the police. What we need to do is to reassure the police that they belonged to us.”You can imagine what would happen if policemen go on strike for a week .

l hope Amnesty lnternational which CCDI is a member will review the information available to her and able to come out with unbiased report on  the role police ,DSS and Army during the protest.I appeal to Police authorities to investigate those who sponsor the thugs who attacked the protesters in Lagos and Abuja, that single act gave the criminals to hijacked the protest which caused wanton destruction of life and property across the country.

Olufemi Aduwo President & Permanent Representative of CCDI to United Nations.

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