Thursday, 12 April 2018


Dr Bode Olajumoke reacts to fake letter mishieveously attributed to him thus:-

"I have received numerous enquiries from well wishers regarding an article under my name attacking OBJ. This same article was received by me without a name to it, but at the end, it had a Balogun's Enlightenment Forum - I am not a member of this Forum. Reissuing the letter now under my name must be an act of mischief! The day the OBJ's letter to PMB came out on Liberal Platform, I fully endorsed its contents, so why would I have so soon conflicted my support by issuing the said letter in such an uncouth, raw, and abusive language? The writer is certainly a coward by inserting my name. OBJ and I might not be friends as such, but as a cultured yoruba man, I would not really use such gutter language on an elderly citizen!
It is possible that the mischief maker must have assumed that I might be eyeing a political post and hence the need therefore to defame me! 
Let me thank my friends and relations across the nation who have drawn my attention to this mischief and assure them that I am not the author of the post, and most importantly I am not a coward!
Senator Bode Olajumoke

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