Saturday, 8 September 2018


Vox OP-ED 

At times, when Buhari kids are defending some inanities, I always say that some of us don't write, on social media , a third of what we know. To some people, it sounds like arrogance. But it is not. 

If you are shocked by the disclosures on Alpha Beta, I am NOT! And that's the truth.What the guy, who was part of the scam before, was dishing out is a just a tip of the iceberg. 

You can only know the damage Tinubu and his band have done to Lagos the day another party wins the state and they open books. No matter how docile you are, you will join in stoning these guys to death. 

Imagine this:

* There are so many guys, some big guys, on the payroll of the state yet not doing anything for the state.  

* The state supplies fuel (especially diesel) to virtually all political leaders, former office holders and traditional rulers in the state, their cronies, concubines, friends and so on. 

* Tinubu has two  private jets. The state pays for their maintenance, landing and parking costs and so on. 

* This is apart from statutory N700m annual budget for the office of 'Governor Emeritus'. 

* Maintaining the Tinubu Political Machinery does not cost this state less than SIX BILLION A MONTH! 

What does he need all the money for? 

* Tinubu believes STRICTLY in the politics of money. To him, that is the only way to maintain loyalty. 

* From police commissioners to INEC, to journalists, to security agencies' officials and so on, he has so many people "payroll"! 

* From an individual to Ward, local government and state officials, his doors are always open. Go to his house and see the number of people who throng the place everyday. They come for money! 

* Lagos State government used to pay part of PSP (refuse collectors) fees. According to payment schedule  on paper, they were 360 when Fashola was there. But in actual fact, they were ONLY 120. That was why Ambode stopped them. And with that, he might have nailed his political coffin. Why? The PSP arrangement was Tinubu's another way of dispensing political patronage to party members! 

So when the guy talks of corruption and some idiots listen to him, I feel like crying!

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