Thursday 7 January 2021

History Would Be Harsh On Trump

What is happening in the United States is so shameful. It is embarrassing, a country regarded as the beacon of decency, propriety and honour, descending to the gutters and ruffians taking over.

I am happy that in the end better counsel prevailed and the victory of Joe Biden was confirmed this morning, in the wee hours of the day. The demonic entity called Trump must be tried and sent to jail at the end of his tenure. It is enheartening Mike Pence stood firm and refused Trump's intimidation and blackmail. He stood by his oath and he made it plain despite the incitement of the mob against him by Trump that he would not decertify Joe Biden. He wanted to preserve his name from going onto infamy.

It is mild to say Trump's conduct is in presidential, it is simply criminal and he should be so treated. Here is a man who was defeated in popular votes; he was defeated at the Electoral College. He was defeated in the courts up to Suprme Court. His claims were unfounded according to the Supreme Court. All that remained was affirmation by the Congress. But Trump was bent on scuttling that. His mob went into Capitol Hill armed with guns and bomb. Trump wanted chaos; he did not call for appropriate security unit such as national guard, to confront the violent protesters and clear them out of the place. It was the Washington State police who eventually did.

It is also a matter of big relief that members of Trump's Cabinet, out of embarrassment are considering getting him to resign before the 20 Jan handover date. The Reps are mulling impeaching him. The scale fell from Trump's eyes and he belatedly asked his mob to protest only peacefully. It was late. The deed was already done. He must face the consequences if his disgraceful action! Fortunately we are talking about America, a country of laws and not a country of men; a country of institutions, not a land of strong men.God Bless America!

Olufemi Aduwo, President Center For Convention On Democratic Integrity lnc,Maryland, United States (CCDI )

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