Thursday, 16 September 2021


International Day of Democracy offers an opportunity for people everywhere to reflect on not only the state of democracy worldwide, but also the values that make democracy essential for the preservation of human rights and human dignity around the world.  Respect for the integrity of every individual, without exception.
Compromise,cooperation, mutual respect, rule of law, free speech, access to information, open debate and facts.  

At a time when those values are coming under siege around the globe, it behooves us on this day to take a moment to reflect on how precious they are, how essential to the dignity of our lives and what is at stake that they be preserved, protected and ultimately prevail in political life worldwide: better health, education, peace and development outcomes, as well as the mutual security and stability that results. The fact is despite the self-serving assertions by autocrats and illiberals that the future is theirs, every day billions of people around the world continue to demand their rights and dignity, that their voices be heard and that those who purport to govern them be held accountable and truly represent them.  

The global demand for democracy in fact has never been higher. Those frustrated by democracy’s failures do not seek to discard it, but to make it stronger, better, more responsive, more effective to meet the challenges of our time.  
Ultimately for democracy to prevail will require patience, resilience, vigilance, hard work, good faith and often intense struggle. Democracy is never easy, nor is it inevitable. But it remains essential.

CCDI is proud to stand in solidarity with citizens around the world seeking a democratic future, to build strong democratic societies that include and deliver for all. We reflect with humility on the courage revealing itself in Burma, Hong Kong, Nicaragua, Belarus, Russia, China, Uganda, Cameroon and so many other places, under some of the most difficult conditions of oppression and closing political space, as citizens struggle to gain democratic rights and liberties owed to them. We at CCDI recommit ourselves through our work to their cause, to demonstrate that these brave peoples are not alone, but represent the hope and promise of a better, more democratic world to come. I hope you all will reflect and join us in this effort.

Thank you. Happy International Day of Democracy.

Olufemi Aduwo

President,Centre For Convention On Democratic Integrity Ltd/ Gte( CCDI -Nigeria),lncoporated in Nigeria as Nonprofit & Center For Convention On Democratic lnc.( CCDI-lnc) Maryland,United States.CCDI-Inc is a 501(c)(3) organization.

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