Saturday, 14 October 2017


by Abdulrahman Abdulmalik from Ilorin. 

"We the under listed suppliers of Federal Government College, Ilorin, Kwara State, (hereinafter referred to as petitioners) wish to draw the attention of the Federal Government and the Minister for Education to the attitude and defiance of the management and leadership of the Federal Government College, Ilorin, Kwara State, over the non payment of the contract sum for the supply of food items and stationeries owing us since 2011.

"This was contained in our various letters forwarded to the school authority, coupled with every legal measure we've equally applied which till date has yielded no positive impact.

"We know the implications of this bold step we've taken to halt continuous neglect and having fully weighed our options, we hereby accept full responsibilities for our actions. Our decision to openly inform the appropriate authorities and the larger society is not aimed at destroying or tarnishing the image of anyone or maligning the school authority, but rather, it is aimed at putting records to the obvious, as we have been frustrated on the subject matter. We have tried every means necessary, consulted those that we needed to, and we've come to the conclusion that an open letter won't be a bad option as the neglect persists.

The supplies involving Alhaji Isa Ayinde and 10 others, premised on supply of food items and stationeries, delivered to the college separately by the suppliers between January and September, 2011. Whereas, the school management still owes the suppliers till date.

"Appeals and reminders were sent through separate letters dated June 11, 2012, June 13, 2012, June 19, 2017, September 10, 2012 and May 6, 2013, to the Principal of the Federal Government College, Ilorin, and office of the Honourable Minister of Education respectively. Of all these letters and reminders, the only hope driven and soul lifting response we had from the school principal was the letter dated 22nd June, 2012, acknowledging our letter of 19th June, 2012, stating as follows, '… Please be informed that we are agonized by the plight of our dear food contractors we are owing as per the list handed over to me by my predecessor. We would take more delight in seeing them paid in full as soon as the Federal Ministry of Education directs."

"Over six years down the line, we are still waiting. Our request was that the school authority should at least officially acknowledge our complaints in good faith and find means to pay our monies.

"For this obnoxious neglect to have lingered in a school that officially contracted us is questionable in our opinion. We have yet to find out why we should be so treated in this manner even after we had followed due process at every ends. All our efforts were being frustrated as we have been made to face untold hardship and suffered individual financial embarrassment.

"We are no gold diggers nor do we seek to reap where we did not sow. This error of treating with indignity people who follow due process in their dealings must stop. The non payment of our monies have placed many of us under domestic predicaments and financial bankruptcy over the years, while some have lost their lives in the process. 

"Would it be right then to say that perhaps all these are personal vendetta coming from corruptive tendencies within the sphere, emanating from those who think we have limited strength to fight this course, therefore hiding under the available guise to defraud us. Or could we say the Federal Ministry of Education is deliberately inflicting this much pain on us?

"One thing is for sure: for the leadership of the Federal Government College, Ilorin, to keep frustrating us and keeping us off balance to this unbearable end for its own best known reasons is quite spiteful and uncalled for. We therefore, urge the authorities to do the needful. If this situation persists in the next couple of weeks, we may be compelled to press for full redress on this issue. We are using this opportunity to call on all those who believe in the course of justice within the school and outside of it to please assist us on this matter. We are calling on human rights groups; civil society organisations and others to please strengthen our arms through the law if need be.

"We also call on the irrepressible media, print, electronic and social media in the country to conduct investigative journalism and prove us wrong in any of our assertions. A young lawyer friend has provided us legal services so far and has written the appropriate bodies on this issue. I pray the school authority will act fast on this, as we've been through this long journey, believing the wheel of justice may grind slowly, but can't be denied. With God on our side, there is a glorious light at end of the tunnel.

To this end, we are appealling to the Federal Government to compel on the school management through the Federal Ministry of Education to look into this matter appropriately and put a stop to deprivation of our due. The delay has really defeated equity in this case, hence we've lost patient to condone further delay or undue postponement.


Alhaji Issa Ayinde ~ Ejoo Fara Global Nig. Enterprises

Olatunbosun Ola ~ Olatunbosun Ola General Supply & Contractors.

Evang. S.B. Iwalaiye ~ FM Iwalaiye Sales & Supplies

Jumoke Adeyinka (Mrs) ~ Dato Fisheries Services

Omopupa F. (Mrs) ~ Omopupa Global Nig. Enterprises

Funmilayo Awonbiowo (Mrs) ~ Funmilayo Awonbiowo Ventures

Atinuke R. Tinuke Olomo (Mrs) ~ Dealer, Distributor & Supplier

Deborah Owolabi (Mrs) ~ Deborah Owolabi Enterprises

A. A. Ogunsesan (Mrs) ~ Adesesan Graphics Press Ltd

Adamo Eleran (Mrs) ~ Oluwanishola Global Nig. Enterprises

Adamu Yusuf ~ Adamu Yusuf Doo Enterprises

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