Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Liars of Lia Mohd Advanced Polical Studie

That's how Buhari keeps exposing himself. He said Jonathan didn't leave any savings. Now he's boasting of increasing foreign reserves from $34 billion to $40 billion. So from who did he inherit the $34 billion? From ghosts? From Killer Fulani herdsmen? Buhari can lie for Africa! And when Professor Sagay says "what the Buhari government achieved in two and half years is far more than what Obasanjo achieved in eight" I'm moved to question whether Sagay is still in control of his faculties! Obasanjo paid up all our debts while oil was selling for $24 per barrel and Buhari has borrowed faster than any other administration at a time oil is at $70. So please, if Sagay has responsible children, they should stop him from smoking anything that destroys brain cells!

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