Thursday, 14 March 2019

Gbenga Daniel Speaks On Late Sugar

"In setting the records straight my only comment is that 'Sugar' was barnished from Odeda to Oyo State during my tenure as EXECUTIVE Governor. I do not believe that fact supports the statement that someone got an official cover during OGD days. Loads of lies have been told about our administration including the death of Dipo Dina, but the real truth have started coming out and more will be coming out in the days ahead. Is it also OGD that prevented the Government from arresting and prosecuting him and others in the last 8 years?.
Save that by one's training, we do not speak ill of the dead, one would have said a lot more. When the Law enforcement failed to intercept him for reasons of his 'supernatural powers' the then local government Chairman was instructed by my administration to find a way of barnishing  him from Odeda. How they did it is their responsibility. It's possible, they got the palace support, that is their duty and responsibility. Both Hon Soyemi Coker (Aderupoko) and Hon Kayode Akintunde (Azinge) are still alive and are in a better position to provide adequate information. Let us be guided and well informed before drawing conclusions on order to preserve our democracy. Our administration suffered a great deal from deliberate negative propaganda including operating a Killer Squad yet there were no dead bodies. Let us remember that this outgoing government, the most hostile administration in history to his Predecessor set up a Truth Commission in 2011 with the aim of indicting our administration. 8 years later, no one  in my administration have been charged for any violent crime. Let us 'shine' our eyes using that popular parlance. I think I will need to write 'Daniel In Lions Den Part II' very soon. OGD"

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